You can learn how to eat chicken noodle soup, how to eat minestrone soup, how to eat gazpacho soup, or you can learn how to use a spoon, and you can eat all kinds of soups. The same goes for math formulas: you can memorize each and every math formula, or you can learn how to alter one formula to solve all kinds of math problems.

Math professor (via mathprofessorquotes)

Love this take!



Conic Section - Hyperbola proof

This starts with the distance to the two foci having a constant sum, but that’s the equation that leads to an ellipse, not a hyperbola. Hyperbolas have a constant *difference* of distances to the two foci. I don’t see anything wrong with the algebra, but I think something might have gone astray.

Math Teachers Don’t Use Twitter

I’m at a professional development talk and 3 out of 14 people had any connection with twitter, and now we’re being taught how to make a username and connect to other educators. This is definitely valuable, don’t get me wrong, but twitter is *old school* among my peer group, not the emerging technology of the day. I’m amused.

I wonder how many of these people use tumblr. My guess is none.